Thursday, November 4, 2010

Copy and Paste

The life rollercoaster. It's on the downhill swing again. Sometimes I think I should just copy and paste earlier posts.

I haven't given out or told anyone about this blog yet because now is when I can say what I want to say. Before the Christian community I live in gives me the "Oh, is she still complaining about her life?" look. You know, you really only get about 2 weeks of grace with most Christians. They hear you out on the phone or in the grocery store or at church, and they sympathize, look forelorn, and pat your tenderly on the shoulder. Then, after about two weeks or so of hearing how bad you feel, they give you a wide birth and duck out of sight when they see you.

Nobody wants to hear how you feel angry or depressed or frustrated; not after two weeks anyway.

If I have ever done that to anyone hurting inside, I am sorry. Really. I had no idea how lonely it is in the Christian community when you just don't have the spiritual strength to pull yourself out of a cravas.

If you stumble on this post, I'll wrap it up. I'm sure you have probably moved on by now if you live in my area. Same ole' , same ole', aye?

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