Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is God Spontaneous?

To me, God is ever changing, methodical, a real pre-planner. But do you think he ever institutes something last minute?
Probably not.
But, I have endured some times in my life where it felt like a 'let's-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' event. Life, at least on my end, is so up in the air. This uncertainty in the near past has caused great anxiety. Today, I put uncertainty behind and decided to view it like a surprise party...with great anticipation. I think all the advent scriptures have made me turn my attention to the anticipation of Christ, how the people of Jesus' time must have felt. Where is the messiah? When will he be here? Will he save us from this Roman oppression?
My questions don't fall along with that thinking exactly, but the anticipation of where will we live next after our house sells and will we have a future in CA. are real questions that I look forward to seeing answered. Not with pain and anxiety, but with great anticipation. What new, exciting things does he have planned for me? Where is he moving our hearts to?

I hope that I can keep the same enthusiasm for what God has in store for me as SUE has.

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