Monday, June 27, 2011

The List:

Everyone has a list. Where this craze came from I have no idea, but I feel compelled (by peer pressure) to do the same. Actually we say every summer that we are going to do more as a family. It's time to really write it down.
So here we go. I will try to find a cool chalkboard or whiteboard like Denise or Kristen to post it and check them off. Go check theirs out.

Here we go:
Go bowling weekly
Make homemade icecream
Go to the secret swinging bridge spot in Yosemite that no one knows about
Play scrabble as a family
Walk 3 miles at least once or twice a week as a family
Make a movie for church youth group
Help with an Eagle Scout Project
Raise Meat Chickens from chicks
Make pesto
Visit Monterey at least once to see the whales
Host a dessert party where my kids make the food
Rent a party boat at the lake
Go camping with UK
Get a refresher course for SCUBA diving (Jules)
SCUBA in Monterey
Make a duvet cover (yikes)
Dinner 8 with church friends (3xs)
Cupcake decorating class for Meg and Me
Stargaze from Sentinel Dome
Fireworks at Bass Lake
Kiss my hubby for 7 sec. everyday (great goal for me NOT kids)


  1. I'm pretty sure we should be doin' a few of those things together (DEFINITELY NOT kissing your husband for 7 sec. though :D).

  2. Awesome list! Also. I agree with Cari's assessment.