Monday, May 16, 2011

So is it wrong?

I blame William and Kate.

I would not normally do it but I found that after watching the royal wedding a couple of weeks ago that I now want to eat Brie cheese all the time.

Ok, back up.
That day I made scones and tea and waited until my daughter returned home from school so that she and I could watch together. I found that while I was waiting for her to return home, I craved it. I wanted it. I didn't have it.
No matter. Scones and tea were soon served and life went on it's merry way.
But now, I want to have it all the time.
This is not the sort of craving that just comes around and then is never thought of until months later. It's an everyday crave.

Here is the problem. I had some wine on Sat. and also had my fair share of brie (which I bought to go with the wine, and only with the wine).
Today, I had it for lunch. On crackers. Without the wine.
What next? I may be dipping into it now until its all gone. Everyday. Maybe twice a day.

I thinking that a fast with only veges for a day or so is in order.
Would that help with cravings?
If you have had a craving that didn't go away, what did you do?


  1. i have no self control!
    therefore i don't keep anything yummy in my house that i crave.

    and i hate cheese (ICK!), i'm no help.

  2. Oh but Denise...brie! Come on! Especially with brown sugar sprinkled over it and melted together. Mmmmmm. Ok, I'm not helping am I Julie? lol. Actually I've been struggling with something different, but maybe it could help. For me it's hip pain, and my desire to numb the pain with medication. I really don't want to become addicted. But who couldn't be addicted to being pain free? Really. But a friend made it clear that physical issues have a purpose whether pain or cravings... they let us know we have a need. So knowing that God can fill our every need, she suggested I choose those times of pain to be times of praise. To let the pain be a little reminder of how much I need him. A reminder to spend time with Him. If I hurt, I praise. After all, it is truly impossible, even in pain or cravings, to be discontent when you are praising God. Might help. Can't hurt! :)