Friday, May 13, 2011

But you love me anyway...

When I hear these lyrics I am reminded that it WAS my sin that nailed Jesus to the cross. This was the very thought that caused my heart to turn at age nine while I physically nailed nails to a cross one Sunday Night at an evening service. My youth pastor talked about personal sin and responsibility, and I remember the guilt convicted me to tears as I hammered.
Many times I have carried that conviction and guilt throughout my life. I believed that my sin was so dark that I wasn't sure that Jesus could ever see past it.

This song brings me the peace I need. I haven't forgotten that my sin nailed him, but I know that his love reaches past that sin. Not only has he conquered it, but he reaches out, takes my hand and says, "I love you." I'm not "kinda a Christian". It's all that matters in who I am.
It's like being kinda pregnant. Either you are, or you aren't. He grace loves, erases and embraces that old sin...and then discards it.

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