Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recipe that warrents a party!

I rarely make something in the kitchen and then say, " I need to have a party just to serve THESE!"
But, I said it today.

Who wouldn't want a party with these beauties.

I found the recipe, sort of, on Pinterest. I kept clicking on the picture, but no recipe came up. I researched further with google and found that it was as easy as to speak.

What do ya need?
White Cake Mix
Neon Gel Food Coloring
Some sort of white frosting
Rainbow Sprinkles

I made the cake as directed. Then I separated the batter into 5 small dishes. The Neon allowed me to make pink, orange, green and purple. I had to use a blue from my other gel food coloring pack in the pantry. I used liners that were a little different so I could see how each would react. 6 were a wilton white liner, and the other four were regular liners. Yes, the recipe only made 10.
I placed a little less than 1 T of each color directly on top of each other in this order:

They turned out lovely. Actually the smaller liners worked better, just be careful not to overfill.
I did frost them with just a plain vanilla frosting (Pastry Pride) which I whipped up after they cooled, and then sprinkled them with rainbow sprinkles.
I was in a hurry so I packed them up in a shoe box and hauled them to a basketball game at my kids High School. I gave several out to the delight of many high schooler. My friends son, who just finished playing and was famished, said they were the best cupcakes he had ever's amazing what a little pizzazz can do to a plain white cake mix!!!!

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