Monday, April 11, 2011

Gifts of a Child's World

I diligently write out a list of gifts each day to give gratitude toward my God. This brings me joy.

My children need joy. If I do the math correctly, and they are expressing their gratefulness as well, doesn't it seem wise to assume they will have joy as well?

I always assume that they are care-free and happy.
But, in reality, with my 2 oldest, going to public school everyday has brought a shadow over them at times. It's the shadow of what the non-Christian world experiences everyday: divorce, pain, feelings of inferiority, heartbreak, selfishness. The list could go on. They feel it's weight as well as the weight of expectations, disappointment, and frustrations.

So, today is their first step into the water. The water of the rushing river and torrent of time that can bring us down. Now, they have trudged here before. But today is their first day to make a list of gratitude. I want their river to slow with the weight of their acknowledgement, their appreciation.

Garrett started the morning reading my list, seeing the things I have noticed, loved and given gratitude for over the last weeks. With a new, purple composition book in hand, he started with 4 items this morning and the first was just talking about gratitude with me. What joy! He sees the purpose and hopes for joy!
The others, my two oldest and husband, will be later today. Thanks to Ann Voskamp for the 7 Things template on her website to get them started.

My gifts so far today:
...young boy finding happy moments in a journal
...small eggs from our chickens
...hearing her hum the tunes of the musical we saw yesterday tomato plant ready to grow

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