Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh how it shines

Ever been so proud that it just shines?
My son made me feel that way today.
It may seem simple to you, but it was one of those check-off-the-list moments today.
He drove to Fresno (30min.) and then to Madera(another 20 min.) and then home (another 25 min.).
Altogether, a few hours of driving and some shopping with my eldest teenage son, was bliss.

It seem that having happy moments where all are having a good time with mom are fleeting these days whether because of time, or stress of school work or just teen-grump syndrome. We laughed. We talked. We shopped. We had lunch together.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I wish I could hold these moments forever, never letting go. It really was just yesterday that he was cooing and we were leaning over the bed giggling in delight over his cute movements and dirty diapers. Oh where has that gone.
16 1/2 years forward. Now we are just Mom and Dad.

Can I love him more? I don't know.
How much more does my Savior love him. It makes me cry to think someone could ever love him more, but I know that Jesus does and always will.
Thank you Jesus for that. Because I can let him down and I can fall short, but you will ALWAYS be the never-ending love that carries him.

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  1. i'm counting on that never ending love to carry all of our children.