Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When you try to slow...

the world, life as a rushing river, takes you canoe and dumps you into a cold water.
As I try to slow the rushing river of time yesterday, the torrent carried me off with it.

I made an errand run into the city to get some much needed groceries and supplies, while my Young-at-Heart son stayed behind with bronchitis. I made my trip swift from place to place so I could return home to teach a small troupe of 4-Her's how to make bread in the afternoon. Just as we were mixing ingredients, a call breaks the merry atmosphere. My daughter, 1/2 years into high school, cries in pain. Her ankle. She thinks it broken.
Again I find myself flinging past another moment to admire, off to rush to another I want to forget.

Where to find blessings and gifts? I don't have time....

But as it turns out, today shows yesterday's blessing. Though swollen and tender and not holding her weight, it is not a broken ankle. We were spared hours of waiting in room with the sick and injured. I tenderly ice massaged her ankle and with the morning, came a relief in some pain.

Though yesterday I was not able to wade in the torrential river of time to slow it, today I am.
I sit with my legs under me on a long couch, dog snoring under my feet.
Today, I wade in the water and slow it current, to use the weight of each significant blessing to stop time.
...Bird choruses
...sunshine warming my back in morning drench
...quiet ticking of clock
...clickity-clack of the keyboard of Young-at-Heart hard at math

I breathe deep. Holding on to these moments and knowing that the restoration of soul is taking place after such upheaval from the day prior.

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  1. restoration of soul is necessary medicine.

    love you.